Public Assembly: An Alternative Summer School

We are pleased to be invited to speak at this event at The White Building next weekend (June 30th) organised by FCUUK (Free Cooper Union UK). Susannah and Lucy will chair the roundtable discussion..

A Call For a New Type of School, 2:00 – 3:30 pm

Chaired by Susannah E. Haslam and Lucy A. Sames, with Martin Dittus (London Hackspace), Sam Jacob (FAT Architects), Lawrence Lek (FCUUK) & Yuri Pattison (Lucky PDF).

With the overarching question asking just what has happened to knowledge – its production; exchange; utilisation and dissemination; who are its producers, where is it located – let us consider the factors that have directly affected the way in which we can attempt to respond.

This discussion finds its solace in the setting of the Public Assembly; at such a critical and profound juncture in the arts, in technology and in education, this conversation will open up and support new dialogues across disciplines that attempt to articulate just what is going on – what is happening to knowledge?

FCUUK Free Cooper Union UK, KIOSK, London, White BuildingPublic Assembly

Free Cooper Union UK (FCUUK) invites you to Public Assembly, a one-day free school celebrating alternative forms of knowledge and creative expression in art and technology.

Featuring: architectural installations, water taxis, canal boat lectures, cinema screenings, talks and performances, live coding, photo booth, DIY publications, audio-visual demonstrations, parents’ coffee stand, and refreshments.

Full programme and schedule –

We pay tribute to New York City’s last free university – the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Art and Science, whose Board of Trustees voted to end its 154-year tradition of giving full scholarships to all students.

Sunday 30th June 2013 · 2pm – 9pm
The White Building · 7 Queens Yard · London E9 5EN

Events hosted by
Matteo Farinella · Kevin Flude · Susannah E Haslam & Lucy A. Sames · Benji Jeffrey · Kayak Libre with Rachel Hill · Chris King · Lawrence Lek · Old School Projections · Matthew Plummer Fernandez · Pamela G. Parker · Public Works · Andi Schmied · DJ Tesco · Ben Westley ·

With Contributions From
· Valentina Berardi · Bruce High Quality Foundation University · Tommy Coleman · Gabriella D’Angelo · Max Dewdney (Mobile Studio) · Martin Dittus · Barry Drogin · Free Cooper Union · Oto Gillen & Nik Gelormino · Ben Grosser · Scott F Hall & Eleni Manolaraki · Sam Jacob · Thomas Jarrett · Benji Jeffrey · Jasmine Johnson & Alice May Willams · Julia Kim Smith · Batya Kuncman · Kim Laughton · Lawrence Lek · Alastair Levy · Evan X. Merz · Nick Mirzoeff · Devora Najjar · Pamela G. Parker · Yuri Pattison · Matthew Plummer-Fernandez · Joe Riley · Alexis Rivas · Legacy Russell · Daphne San · Andi Schmied · Jack Self · Jose Vargas · Ben Westley ·

Organized by Free Cooper Union (UK) and Lawrence Lek. Supported by SPACE Studio.

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