My Birth and my birth – a quick summary.

Alexander Düttmann addresses the critical notion of the plurality of birth. Of birth, being born engenders the potential of a secondary (or multiples of) birth, and questions a frequency and relativity (natality) of birth. To be born is to be named, or is an action of proposition, it is abstract; and a secondary (or multiples of) birth is to be inserted into the human world, to make practicable the human condition as a concept, or a judgement in Hegel. My Birth is when I biologically become human; when I exist independently from my mother; when I am thrown into distraction. my birth is my second coming; I arrive at the realisation of my own finitude; I am thrown into being and I inherit myself from myself.

Computer Science versus Visual Culture and the prominence of my birth.

We are all creators; artists do have opinions; but do opinions prevent creation? My Birth always precedes my birth. my birth is entirely relative to My Birth.

Passionate thought is, to be opened – to be with passionate thought is to be opened into / exposed unto being. We are thinking, passionately. We are born everyday.

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