Issue 1 of ESSAYS, a journal / zine written, edited and published by myself and Felix from OFF MODERN is currently on sale at The Son Gallery’s Copeland Book Market, running across this weekend. Head down to the book market tomorrow for a nice browse around some beautiful publications, some lamb on sticks, some gin and some sun.

ESSAYS is the first issue in a series put together with a view to provide an outlet of sorts for that which often gets written and not read. It is a collaborative work between myself and Felix, with an aim to invite guest writers in pairs over a series. We have a limited run of beautifully printed works, courtesy of ROLLING SEA. They will be available to purchase from the Copeland Book Market until Sunday 26th June. And will shortly be available from the OFF MODERN online shop.

Keep tuned to hear about future collaborations / editions / outlets or send an email to for more information.

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