Drawing the Blank

We are delighted to be invited to take part in this research session with Bristol’s The Collect, on July 6th.

Drawing the Blank marks the beginning of The Collect’s programme of research and events, If We Build It, a mapping of the structures and systems, patterns and flows of joint undertakings, both within contemporary art and in other fields such as biology, organisational psychology, economics, urban planning and futurology.

The Collect is a cooperative of creative producers working out the role and nature of collaboration through the act of collaboration itself. It encourages generous exchange, exponential growth and peripatetic linking. The Collect generates words, gestures, pow wows, virtual encounters, substantial actions and, above all, invitations. It is a source and a resource.

The Collect is Anna Searle Jones and Victoria Tillotson, with Holly Corfield Carr, Richard Edkins, Becky Hall, Gareth Jones, Nemia Maclachlan, Ben Owen, Phil Owen and others.

Drawing the Blank is a closed session organised by The Collect and hosted by Enclave.

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