KIOSK is a research collective employing practice-led methodologies to collaboratively explore the multiplicities within contemporary visual culture, architecture and the city. KIOSK formed through cross-disciplinary studies at Goldsmiths, University of London in May 2010, and is based in London.

KIOSK are Lucy Britton, Susannah E. Haslam, Lucy A. Sames.

info [at] kioskcollective [dot] org

Susannah E. Haslam

Susannah E. Haslam is a research and pedagogical practitioner whose interests spans contemporary visual and spatial cultures, with a particular focus on the multidimensionality of primary and secondary experiences between physical and digital space.

Susannah is a founding member and organiser of JOURNEY / SCHOOL, a free, nomadic seminar / salon programme with an on/offline written counterpart, AOTCS PRESS. The aim of which is to provide space for pure knowledge exchange and production via a de-centred method of collaborative and participatory practice.

She will begin her PhD at the RCA this Autumn, where she will conduct a non-exhaustive survey of the affects of Digital Public Space on knowledge production/exchange/utlisation/dissemination.

Lucy A. Sames

Lucy A. Sames is a curator/writer/artist, her practice focuses on the nexus of relational geographies, micropolitics and contemporary art practice and endeavours to explore these through collaborative methodologies. Working mainly in experimental writing and CAD drawings, her work draws on the aesthetics of cartography and diagrams. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally including Eva International biennial (Ireland), Art Gwangju (South Korea) and The Old Police Station (London).

Lucy is curator at Enclave, a new gallery and arts infrastructure in South London and is working on a new curatorial experiment called Machine Party that will launch in 2014.

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